Friday Drama!

This afternoon, we worked in groups to act out our model text. We performed our drama to the class at the end. This really helped us understand the text more and familiarise ourselves with it.

Fun drama!

English – a letter from Podkin

In today’s English lesson, we wrote a letter from Podkin to someone back home. We had to put ourselves in Podkin’s shoes and imagine how he is feeling.

Lots of ‘Podkins’ carefully writing their letters for home.
Our class book which our model text had been taken from.


This afternoon, we looked at historical periods through time and put them in chronological order. We learnt a little about the Anglo Saxons, Romans and the Tudors too.

Historical Timeline

Tudor monarch sketching

This afternoon, we sketched either Henry V111 or Elizabeth 1. We were really carefully and thought about space and artistic skills. We paused halfway through, to monitor our work and see what we could improve.

Some very careful, beautiful sketching.

Our Rights

Today, we each created our own hand and chose a right and a responsibility to write onto it. It then got turned into a world to display in our classroom.

World of rights and responsibilities