Tudor Houses

This afternoon we are continuing with our Tudor houses, focusing on the roof and windows. We are using different types if brown paper to create a tiled roof effect and black paper to build the windows.


In Science this afternoon, we looked at what thermal insulators and thermal conductors are. We had a variety of materials which we had to decide if they were thermal conductors or insulators.

Exploded Diagrams

This afternoon, to continue our topic of Tudor houses, we created exploded diagrams of our model Tudor house design. We had to draw each section of our house and explain what material we would use to make each part and why we chose that material.

Information Text

Today in English, we looked at two information reports and had to piece them together. We noticed that they always start with a title and an introduction, then they have paragraphs of information (each starting with a subheading), then some end with a fun fact or questions to think about.

Tudor presentations

Yesterday, we researched either Tudor education, houses, food and clothes and today we created a presentation to share the research we discovered with the class. At the end of the lesson, we shared our presentations so everyone learnt five new facts about Tudor education, houses, food and clothes.