Week beginning 17th May

This week we have really enjoyed writing character descriptions, converting percentages to fractions and decimals and designing and creating our own a Victorian toy! Have a look at some of the cams we have created.


Today we discussed how pupils in our class celebrate Eid. We learnt that Muslims wear their best clothes on Eid day.

To celebrate, we designed outfits and made cards for our friends and families.

Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating Eid.


This term we are learning about Hinduism.

Our key question: Do beliefs in Karma, Samsara and Moksha help Hindus lead good lives?

This week we learnt that the game Snakes and Ladders originated in Ancient India from Hinduism. It was used to represent positive and negative Karma.

We used this idea to create our own boardgames and explore the impact of good and bad decisions.